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Recruitment of Yangtze University "International Student Ambassador" Program in 2020 Fall Semester


YangtzeUniversityis the largest comprehensive university in Hubei Province, which has a wide range of disciplines. It is the backboneuniversityof key construction in Hubei Province. It is one of the selected universities for the national "basic capacity building project of universities in the central and western regions". It is also thenationalfirst-class construction university in Hubei Province. It is alsojointly established bythe People's Government of Hubei Province, China National Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporationand the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, as well as the ChineseGovernment Scholarship Universityof the Ministry of Education.




I. Theme of theProgram

  There are about 1000 international studentsfrom over 50countries studying in YU. In order to enhance the sense of love and honor of international students, to encourage international students to participate in the school's publicity,to demonstrate the school's international style of school running, and to further enhance theschool’spopularityoverseas, the School of International Education is preparing to launch an "International Student Ambassador " campaign.

  While encouraginginternational students to study hard, actively promote our school's historical and cultural traditions and talent training advantages,we are aimed atpromotingspecial programs and various scholarship programsfor international students, and attractingoutstandinginternationalstudents to apply for Yangtze University.







   6. 一个国家将最终选聘1-2人作为该国家宣传大使。

Ⅱ. SelectionConditions

   1.All international students inYU are welcome to participate including theoutstanding graduates.

   2. Great interest and passion for the enrollment promotion and deep lovefor Yangtze Universityare highly valued.

   3.Acertain ability to publicize and organize, excellentpresentation skillsand outstanding performance are required.

   4.Applicants with relevant experience will be given priority consideration.

   5.Students with knowledge of Chinese culture, HSK level 4 and abovearepreferred.

   6.Eventually1-2 peoplefor each country will be selected as its national ambassador.







III.Duties of "International Student Ambassador"

  1.Innovate the form of publicity,share the study and lifein YU usingphotos,videos, PPT and other waysin order toshow the international campus atmosphere ofYU,and increase the international students' awareness of YU.

  2.AssistYUto have exchanges with senior high school leaders and relevant teachers, actively promote ouruniversity's advantageous disciplines, talent training, international school running characteristics and scholarship policies, and encourage senior high schoolsto recommend more outstanding students to apply forYU.

  3.AssistYUadmission officeactively so asto strengthen ties with the key middle schools and student base schools,inspect the construction conditions of excellent student bases, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two parties.

  4.Provide application information for international students who intend to apply forYU and establish continuous contacts through social platforms such as WeChat and Skype toanswertheirquestions.

  5.Responsible for trackingthe follow-upperformance oftheinternational students after admission.





Ⅳ. Application and SelectionMethod

  Applicationtime:The deadline isMarch 23, 2020

  Applicationmethod: The applicant should fill in the application form (see the attachment) and send the electronic version to the mailbox (yuadmission@yangtzeu.edu.cn) before March 23.

  The school will select and interview applicants on March 31, anddetermine candidates and conduct related training later.




V. Review and reward

  The School of International Education will issue letters of appointment to all hired international students, and award them the honor of“XX International Student Ambassador”. In addition, theschoolwill regularly organize international student ambassadors to report on the results, and review the results based on the propaganda summary and records. International ambassadorswill be givenawards and commendations, provided withcorresponding scholarship funding and admissions subsidies.

 Attachment:Application Form for 2020 YangtzeUniversity International Student AmbassadorProgram.docx


School of International Education


March 17, 2020

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