Job Vacancies for Foreign English Teachers in Yangtze University

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Title: English Language Teacher

Employer: Yangtze University


Job Description:

1. Location: Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China.

2. Contract Term: one academic year.

3. Students age: 17-23 years old.

4. Teaching hours: 16 hours classroom teaching per week, plus 2 hours English Corner (once a week, outdoor social event for oral English practice)


1. With bachelor’s degree ( or above)

2. Two years’ (or above) teaching experience, or 120 hours ESL/ TESL/ TEFOL certificate.

If candidate is a post-graduate, or holds a native Teacher License, no teaching experience is accepted.

Candidate with a Bachelor Degree of Education is exempt from working experience requirement.

3. From English-speaking countries.

4. Under 60 years old, good health, and no bad habits.


Remuneration and Benefits:

1. Salary: RMB6000-7000 monthly.

2. Accommodation: independent apartment provided (one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom, etc.), free water and electricity. Facilities and necessary apparatus provided: bedding, TV set, refrigerator, air-conditioner, wash machine, microwave oven.

4. Vacations: fully paid winter vacation, with travel allowance of RMB1100 for winter and summer vacation.

5. Holidays: fully paid 11 days public holidays.

6. Airfare allowance: return air tickets reimbursement of each academic year (Max: RMB13800)

7. Accident Insurance: yes

8. Working visa: offer working permit and notificationletter

For those who are interested in the positions, it is kindly requested to contact the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, Yangtze University as soon as you can. We’re looking forward to working with you in a new academic year.

Department of International Exchange & Cooperation

Yangtze University

Add: 1 Nanhuan Road Jingzhou Hubei 434023, P. R. China


Tel: 0086-716-8060039 Fax: 0086-716-8060039




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